About Us

Palm Bay Elementary School is a tuition free public charter school serving students in grades K-5. Palm Bay Elementary focuses on fostering a safe, caring and personal environment as the foundation for our students’ academic success. Our curriculum is aligned to the Florida B.E.S.T. Standards with an emphasis on project-based learning to help our students develop problem solving and critical thinking skills. Palm Bay Elementary integrates technology into every classroom to allow for personalized learning and the development of 21st Century skills.

Our Vision…

The vision of Palm Bay Elementary School is to improve the lives of our students.

Our Mission…

The mission of Palm Bay Elementary School is to provide authentic learning experiences, a collaborative nurturing environment that will equip our students for academic and professional success through their educational careers and beyond.

Core Values…

Kindness, Responsibility, Respect and Integrity are found in our school’s core values and expectations. Individual worth and high expectations for all students are also part of this value system.

We Believe…

  • Education is a partnership between the school and the home.
  • In creating a safe, caring, and rich school culture.
  • In consistent and frequent communication between the teacher and parent.
  • In high behavioral expectations, character education and policies and procedures that enhance the learning environment.
  • In high academic expectations.
  • In the importance of enrichment, and exposure for a well-rounded educational experience.

Our Elementary Program

Palm Bay Elementary School provides students with an environment that not only supports learning for today but also allows for the student to learn skills they will need in the future. Our educational program teaches students how to problem solve, work collaboratively, and build critical-thinking skills.

Program Features

Our Teaching Staff

The highest quality teachers are recruited for Palm Bay Elementary School. Teachers that are familiar with Project-Based Learning (PBL) and integrating technology into their daily lessons are selected.  Teachers are expected to follow the Florida Standards and are required to complete professional development to continue their education in order to improve best practices and develop professionally. We expect our teachers to demonstrate a genuine heart for children and a love of teaching.

Teachers are expected to have at a minimum a degree in education and elementary teaching experience. Our teachers are held to the highest standards and expected to work with each family to ensure every single child’s success in their classroom.

How does Palm Bay Elementary differ from other schools?

  • Small school environment
  • Technology in every classroom
  • Small family community
  • Structured curriculum with enrichments
  • Technology, Spanish, and PE for all students
  • Parent involvement is encouraged

Our School Capacity:

Kindergarten: 54 students

1st Grade: 72 students

2nd Grade: 54 students

3rd Grade: 54 Students

4th Grade: 44 Students

5th Grade: 44 Students

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