Curriculum & Instruction

Palm Bay Elementary School provides students with an environment that not only supports learning for today but also allows for the student to learn skills they will need in the future. Our educational program teaches students how to problem solve, work collaboratively, and build critical-thinking skills.

Elementary Program Features:

Reading/Language Arts:

Palm Bay Elementary’s core curriculum, Savvas My View and My Perspective is a strong reading and writing program is built on the science of reading. Teachers also incorporate i-Ready into their lessons to provide the most current level of instruction aligned to standards and required rigor. Informational text is expanded through supplemental materials along with novels and trade books for practice with authentic text.


Palm Bay Elementary School uses Envision by Savvas as the core curriculum. Envision is aligned to Florida B.E.S.T. Standards connecting math to the real world in ways that take the fear out of math and build student confidence—helping students achieve true understanding lesson by lesson and year after year.


Palm Bay Elementary School science follows the State Next Generation Standards. PBES has adopted the HMH  science curriculum Students gain a deeper understanding of scientific concepts as they engage in student-directed and multimodal learning.

Social Science:

Concepts are linked within the Reading/Language Arts curriculum.  Teachers also incorporate supplemental materials along with novels and trade books to follow state standard expectations.

Instructional Philosophy:

Palm Bay Elementary School’s educational program and teaching and learning framework are based upon the following:

  1. All students achieve their potential with appropriate instruction, resources, and classroom environment with caring, dedicated educators and
  2. All students benefit from a fundamental curriculum and structured environment to include foundational skills and hands-on application.
  3. Parent involvement is a key component to the success of individual students and the success of the school.
  4. Teachers incorporate high yield instructional strategies into their lessons to provide stimulating, challenging, and focused academic classes.
  5. Students work individually, as teams, and within groups in their classrooms as they use a variety of tools to promote learning (i.e. technology for research, labs for inquiry learning, and hands-on manipulatives).
  6. Cross-curricula instruction that takes place in all grade levels.

Our Teaching Staff:

The highest quality teachers are recruited for Palm Bay Elementary School. Teachers that are familiar with Project-Based Learning (PBL) and integrating technology into their daily lessons are selected.  Teachers are expected to follow the Florida Standards and are required to complete professional development to continue their education in order to improve best practices and develop professionally. We expect our teachers to demonstrate a genuine heart for children and a love of teaching.

Teachers are expected to have at a minimum a degree in education and elementary teaching experience. Our teachers are held to the highest standards and expected to work with each family to ensure every single child’s success in their classroom.

Teacher qualifications and certification are available at:
Florida Department of Education

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