Title I

Get Involved with Parent Involvement!

Palm Bay Elementary wants YOU to be involved in your child’s education! We have many Parent Involvement activities planned throughout the year and would love for you to stop by!

September – Annual Title I Parent Meeting, Donuts with Dads

October – Bingo for Books

November – Thanksgiving Lunch

December –  Christmas Lunch

January –  Bingo for Books

February – French Toast with our Favorite

April – Family Night

May – Muffins with Mom, Pre-K Transition Day

Title I Information for Parents

Principal Attestation
The Principals operating a Title I program must complete an attestation that the school is in compliance with the highly qualified teacher and paraprofessional requirements. The attestations must be maintained at the school office and the district office and be available to any member of the general public upon request. If you would like to review the attestation, please ask in the office of your child’s school.

Title I Schoolwide Plan
Each year Title I schools must create a plan to support student academic achievement. The 2017-2018 Schoolwide Plan is located at Title I Palm Bay Elementary Schoolwide Program Plan. A hard copy is also available in the office of your school.

The Plan includes information on how the school will work to:
 Improve student academic performance in reading, writing, mathematics, and science; and
 Support parents in helping their child.

If you would like to make comments regarding the plan or request a hard copy, you may contact Genia Robinson at 767-4354.

PFEP Summary

PFEP Summary SP

Title I Palm Bay Elementary Schoolwide Program Plan

(Spanish) Title I Palm Bay Elementary’s Schoolwide Program Plan

Palm Bay Title 1 Presentation


Parents Right to Know

As a parent of a child at a Title I school, you have the right to know the qualifications of your child’s teacher. Specifically, you have the right to ask for and receive the following information:

  • The teacher’s qualifications for the grades and subjects taught;
  • Whether the teacher is working under emergency or provisional status;
  • The teacher’s college major and any advanced degrees;
  • The subject area of the teacher’s certification or degree; and
  • If paraprofessionals provide services to your child, their qualifications.

In addition, you have the following rights and responsibilities:

  • To be involved in your child’s school;
  • To provide input in the plans and policies of your child’s school

If you would like to receive any of this information or have questions, you may contact Lendy Willis, Principal at 850-215-0770.